Inside the head of Andres Dominguez-Cuevas

       I'm pleased to allow you inside my head space of creative creatures and other artworks of the sort. As a recent graduate from The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) I wasn't sure just where my art would go. As a freelance artist I've been drawing for a huge portion of my life but I've found a comfort in drawing the obscene and strange. Coming up with questions such as "What if it had no eyes... or ALL the eyes?!" It's in the process of asking such abstract questions that I find myself drawing and making anything that may come to my mind. While my skills in the visual art field span across all mediums it is with the weird that I truly feel at home. With that said I would like to welcome you to what I call my humble abode. Please, step inside!


job searching is...

A pain